XF 2.x Tips Sticky Votes

    @media (min-width: {{ property('responsiveMedium') + 1 }}px ) { .block { .message { .message-inner { .message-cell--vote { .message-column, .contentVote { position: -webkit-sticky; position: sticky; top: @header-navHeight + @xf-messagePaddingSmall; } } } } } }
  2. XenFun

    XF 2 Add-on [cXF] Sticky Sidebar

    XenFun submitted a new resource: [cXF] Sticky Sidebar - Stick sidebar and sidenav on scrolling. Read more about this resource...
  3. XenFun

    XF 2 Add-on [cXF] Sticky Sidebar 1.7.0

    Description: Stick sidebar on scrolling on almost any page by your choice. Features: option to enable sticky sidebar on almost any page separately: Forum list Forum View Thread view What's new Notable members Help pages Account View Conversation view Page view XFMG Media index XFMG Category...