1. Phid

    XF 2 Add-on Force Users To Read Threads 2.0.8

    They have created rules for your forum in a thread, but nobody reads them? Then use this add-on. It forces users to read a particular thread and only then can they view other threads/Forum etc.
  2. XenFun

    XF 2 Add-on Username Restrictions

    XenFun submitted a new resource: Username Restrictions - Prevents usernames from matching usergroups (helps user group tagging) Read more about this resource...
  3. XenFun

    XF 2 Add-on Username Restrictions 2.0.1

    Prevents users from selecting a username that matches user groups. Ensures user group tagging works as expected. Prevents explicit matches. Optionally prevent partial matches. Optionally enforce on administrators.