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    Fixed [Editor] Insert button seems misplaced

    Aside from the fact that the button does not work (already reported in another thread), the position of the button looks weird. I mean, it feels like the button is placed randomly and more importantly, it sits in my way and I can't even read the placeholder text. The position of the button is...
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    Fixed Moderator log copy/move posts link is relative, as pather is not applied as expected

    I'm fairly sure you want to check the key name (ie url), not the actual action param value (ie the URL itself). protected function getActionPhraseParams(ModeratorLog $log) { $pather = \XF::app()['request.pather']; $params = $log->action_params; foreach ($params AS $key => $param)...
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    Fixed getUserReactionsTabSummary is too slow

    I'm not sure if this should be considered bug or improvement request , I run a forum where xf_reaction_content has more than 24M records , my slow query log is full with SELECT content.reaction_id, COUNT(*) FROM xf_reaction_content AS content FORCE INDEX...
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    Bug XF 2.x Stripe payment error

    hello we are getting an error when stripe live setup account. we are unable to see card field where customer enter card details anyone, please help here is our stripe setting stripe dashboard
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    Fixed Why ↔ gets converted to an emoji when used in posts?

    I have both "Convert Markdown-style content to BB code " and "Convert shortcode to emoji / smilies " unchecked in ACP. When I use the left-right arrow ↔ symbol in a post, it gets converted to its emoji equivalent like so: ↔ Enclosing ↔ in [PLAIN] tags solves the problem. This is not efficient...
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    Bug XF 2.x User approve queue can sometimes not require email confirmation

    The XF registration flows from registering to valid/moderated are; register => spam checker says moderate => approval queue => user_state set to valid. No email confirmation. register ("Enable email confirmation" == true) => email confirm ("Enable manual approval" == true) => approval queue...
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    Not a bug Replier can only add posts at the end of a thread

    I am getting a server error log but does this bug from xenforo? LogicException: Replier can only add posts at the end of a thread src/XF/Service/Thread/Replier.php:176 Generated by: prinanad Jan 3, 2018 at 2:55 PM Stack trace #0 src/XF/Service/Thread/Replier.php(159)...
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    Not a bug Error Recaptcha

    I am having an error in xenforo regarding the CAPTCHA The KEY provided by google stopped working at any moment, which throws that error in the admin.php to enter the xenforo panel. Try to modify the PHP where the captcha key is for a new one that was created in google captcha, but the problem...
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    Fixed No entity found for 'conversation_message' with ID 2037

    After upgrading my forum to the latest version, simply emoji spritesheet png file turned to default version and I was too lazy to re-make it. So simply, I removed 3 custom reactions added by me from the system. And now I'm having this issue: InvalidArgumentException: No entity found for...
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    Not a bug "Please enter a value using 25 characters or fewer. " error in router field

    I got this error trying to save in router field and it makes impossible for me to use this feature "Please enter a value using 25 characters or fewer."
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    Not a bug Twitter links no longer embedding in v2.1.10 Patch 2

    This was recently reported to me. Forums using Xenforo v2.1.10 Patch 2 Tested with default theme as well as different custom themes and different combinations of add-ons from many to minimal. Tested with Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. One report says it still works on mobile but not on...
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    Fixed Can't delete certain threads and resources

    I can't delete certain threads and resources (currently 1 resource and 1 thread). I'm getting this: Server error log XF\Db\Exception: MySQL query error [1048]: Column 'reaction_score' cannot be null src/XF/Db/AbstractStatement.php:228 Generated by: 8. jun 2020 ob 22.16 Stack trace...
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    As designed replacing image attachment using the toolbar on image keeps the old image as attachment

    searched for an existing thread on this. couldn't find it. I can only assume this is intentional behavior. i still wanted to post this. step to reproduce... start a new thread/post. attach an image. insert that image in the post. edit the post. Click on the image. check the toolbar that...
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    Fixed # Error Xenforo v2.1.10 There are 5 missing files or files with unexpected contents. You should review these

    hi until setup xenforo V2.1.xx I see "There are 5 missing files or files with unexpected contents. You should review these" in the admin control panel now upgrade Xenforo v2.1.10 Patch 2 error message is still , i try click Rerun-Check but not work ??? how to fix error messsage The file...
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    As designed RSS feed author invalid

    in the rss feed, lot's of 'invalid' citations around emails. is this by design? <title>Style property for email button font colors</title> <pubDate>Wed, 03 Jun 2020 00:34:24 +0000</pubDate>...
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    Not a bug Possible MYSQL index bug?

    Hello, According this document from MySQL: I have try to setup: $table->addKey([ 'column1', [ 'column2', 'DESC'] ]); And it's generated to: ADD KEY `column1_column2` (`column1`, `column2`(DESC)) It's expected to: ADD...
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    Fixed Custom user/thread fields AWOL in 2.1.5?

    Custom user and thread fields here on appear to have vanished, such as user field 'Other forum software used'. They're also missing on a test site that is now running 2.1.5. Affected version: 2.1.5
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    As designed XenForo does not validate base class name

    When using an extension system and creating a class, XenForo checks that there would be a class in to_class. But it ignores in from_class That being said, there is no such class. But when we specify extension class name and there is no such class then reports an error.
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    Fixed Reactions box disappearing before cursor leaves it

    I've just added a load of reactions to a new install. Because there's a fair few, I've reduced the width of the box to make it easier to scan over them with the cursor. There seem to be black spots between the reactions, whereby the box disappears prematurely. It could be solved if the time...
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    Design issue Searched words with apostrophe not showing in bold

    Not the biggest issue, but it happens. For instance, a search for "can't upload" puts "upload" in bold, but doesn't do it for "can't". Cheers!