1. AlexMicKeY94

    Push Notifications

    hello greetings to all, I have a xenforo mounting on my local pc and I have activated push notifications but when I go to user preferences and I click on the activate push notifications button it tells me unsupported device this only happens without the pc connected to the internet when I am...
  2. XenFun

    XF 2 Add-on [Telegram] Notifications

    XenFun submitted a new resource: [Telegram] Notifications - Adds the ability receive notifications from forum to Telegram. Read more about this resource...
  3. XenFun

    XF 2 Add-on [Telegram] Notifications 2.0.0 RC 4

    Adds the ability to receive notifications from the forum to Telegram. P.S.: Notifications cannot be delivered to Telegram if default forum alert is disabled. For supporting all available alert types (include alerts from custom addons), this addon listens to forum built-in alerts.
  4. XenFun

    Guidelines Become Qualified Member.

    Generally, when a user is registered, they are members as a general member. We have implemented some provision & prevention for the restriction. General users have some restrictions due to protect spamming. Issue example: You must wait at least 185 seconds before performing this action. To...