1. dopa

    Help with installing addon

    Hello community, i need help with two things: First one is when i try to install addon i get this message " Exception: Table 'xf_rm_category' does not exist so cannot be altered". I can manually add this table to database, but i dont know what columns and what column types should be inside...
  2. Marty

    Help Help with selecting the best security add on.

    Hi, I am looking for the best security add on. I have read the brief information on Dragonbyte but the posts are pretty old, from 2016 so I am not sure if everything still applies. Does anyone have experience with Dragonbyte Security or any other add ons or suggestions I should look into...
  3. Kaneki192020

    Help plss

    Soy nuevo en este mundo de xenforo, tengo una pregunta, lo que voy a poner en la foto de abajo es un plugin o una configuración de xenforo, y otra pregunta, ¿cómo puedo hacer que mi foro funcione más rápido que funciona muy lento? yo
  4. Kaneki192020

    Please help xenforo

    I need a plugin, or to be told how to optimize my forum, which is very slow
  5. ASCIIcat

    Help with hiding user title

    This might be dumb, but is there a setting to hide user titles? I want to have a user banner display the title instead of the plain text one. See the image below for what I mean

    Hi I'm SCNULL

    Hello I'm SCNULL, and i'm glad to be here and visiting this forum looks like a great community to build upon and I can't wait to start building this site up. I notice a lot of old names and friends i once had and hope to build a great user base. I specialize in Nulling Xenforo addons and making...