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    Fixed XenForo 2.2.0 cant import styles

    Hey I dont know how to import styles I tried it for hours I added the files in their folders and tried to load the xml file, also I installed the UI.X addon but my site looks like this : , would anyone mind helping me? Here my Discord if anyone can help me: Sergay#4415
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    Fixed Quick insert style properties

    Looks like the style properties didn't get removed for the quick insert button. (Style properties -> Rich text editor)
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    Fixed Attachment limit and deleting files

    If administrator decrease attachment count limit, user will always receive message about attachment limit when deleting attachment from post with attachment count larger than "new attachment count + 1". For example, user uploaded 15 attachments to post (limit - 20). Administrator changes limit...
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    Fixed Insert smiles from Android

    :mad: If i insert smile from mobile, smile inserteted on beginning message, not where cursor
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    Fixed Quick-edit of "article" thread returns back the wrong format...

    If you have an article thread, and you use the quick-edit form to edit the article, when you click save, the returned view has your signature instead of your author block. That tells me it's returning the wrong thread type macro.
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    Fixed Xenforo 2.1.10 Upgrader bug

    I logged in today in admincp and started upgrade via admincp (automatically), and the upgrade system didn't finish as expected and i get the following errors: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input at core-compiled.js on 408 line. Now i can not use admincp and forum, the message is "The...
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    Fixed Issues with API router

    I've got an example route with the following: Code: Route Prefix: thtest Sub-name: sessions/ Route format: sessions/:+str<session_id>/ Controller: ThemeHouse\Test:Session It works fine for routing something like: GET /api/thtest/sessions/abc123/test However, it isn't able to route GET...
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    Fixed image/oembed cache uses same filesystem as internal_data

    When redirecting internal_data, it also redirecting the image/oembed cache folders may not be desirable as these folders are populated on view rather than during content creation or a admin triggered option.
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    Fixed Logo URL "Note: if this is left empty, the XenForo® logo will be displayed using CSS."

    Was just curious what this would look like but it doesn't appear to actually display the XF logo.
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    Fixed Threads in moderated forums never send mention alerts after approval

    Moderated threads in forums that has this option enabled: Doesn't send mention alerts to mentioned user(s) after approval of the thread.
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    Fixed The quick insert 'Insert Image' button doesn't work on profile posts

    It's available, and opens a file selection window, but selecting a file does nothing, presumably because file attachments aren't currently available for profile posts.
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    Fixed Clicking the + on mobile makes keyboard disappear

    When posting a thread or replying... If I couch the + in a circle the keyboard goes away and I'm not sure what it does.
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    Fixed XenForo copyright link missing rel="noopener"

    LightHouse complains about the copyright link not having rel="noopener". It would be nice if this attribute could be added to make LightHouse (and Google) happy.
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    Fixed Attachment thumbnails are always saved as .jpg

    Not really an important bug, but smth. that looks strange (and might cause issues if users download thumbnails and try to process/work with them elsewhere): Attachment thumbnails are always being saved as .jpg, even though they might be PNG or GIF.
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    Fixed Forum node issue

    If you have a Forum node as the parent, and one as the child, the child does not act as a sub-forum, it acts as a forum in the same list. It should follow the sub-forum display rules you choose but it does not, it acts as a forum with same size row size and descriptions, like parent forum nodes...
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    Fixed xf-addon:build command doesn't work if the add-ons base directory is symlinked

    If you try to build an add-on and have the add-on directory (src/addons/Vendor/AddonName, for example) symlinked the built zip will have that symlink in it rather than actually copying the files
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    Fixed Cookie notice is always being rendered for guests

    If the cookie notice is enabled, the notice is always being rendered for guests - even if the notice has already been dismissed (and thush won't be displayed anyway). This seems unnecessary overhead as it also causes notice.min.js to be included on every page for guests even though there might...
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    Fixed There is no flood check when saving draft

    It should be at least checking saveDrafts['saveFrequency']
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    Fixed Quick insert profile posts mobile only

    In profile posts, on mobile I open quick insert, click the image icon, it opens the upload window to upload from my computer "Select an image," I click to upload and done, and nothing happens. This looks to be a bug in that, profile posts do not have attachments. The best fix would be to allow...
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    Fixed Marking forums as read don't mark alerts as resolved

    When you mark a forum (or all the forums) as read, notifications for replies to threads in those forums are still highlighted, and you have to manually click each one to dismiss it, or mark all the alerts read separately