1. XenFun

    XF 2.x Guide XenForo Connected Accounts

    The ability for visitors to log in and register via various connected account providers benefits site owners due to the ease at which new accounts can be created. This can help reduce the friction of creating an account or remembering login details, leading to increased engagement. In order to...
  2. XenFun

    XF 2 Add-on [TH] User Improvements

    XenFun submitted a new resource: [TH] User Improvements - Adds various new features for your users. Read more about this resource...
  3. XenFun

    XF 2 Add-on [TH] User Improvements 1.3.0 Patch Level 9

    User Improvements This add-on is being removed and replaced with three separate add-ons. They are free and may be downloaded from their separate product pages. The three add-ons are: [TH] Connected Accounts [TH] User Name Change [TH] User Name Color This add-on bundles up a whole bunch of...