1. XenFun

    XF 2.x Guide XenForo Spam Management

    XenForo includes a suite of tools designed to prevent, combat, and manage spam. Spam prevention Registrations There are several tools that can be used to prevent spammers from registering. These can all be found in the Spam management options. The StopForumSpam database can be checked. This...
  2. XenFun

    XF 2 Add-on hCaptcha Integration

    XenFun submitted a new resource: hCaptcha Integration - Get paid while people solve captchas Read more about this resource...
  3. XenFun

    XF 2 Add-on hCaptcha Integration 1.0.0 Alpha 1

    hCaptcha Integration for XenForo 2.1.0+ Description This add-on adds allows using hCaptcha throughout XenForo.
  4. Oxygen

    XF 2 Add-on [XenConcept] Captcha login 2.0.2 Patch Level 1

    This add-on allows you to set a captcha for each connect. This add-on Protect your forums from repeat login attacks with the captcha ( Exemple : Sentry Mba , .... ) We added two options : Enable captcha for each connection Activate the captcha to connect to the admin panel Captcha admin...