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    Bug XF 2.x RSS Feed Message template help text does not mention the description token

    When setting up the message template for an RSS feed you can use {description} to include the description from the RSS feed (rather than the content, if it exists), but this isn't documented in the help text for the message template:
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    Bug XF 2.x "More options" button in editor still clickable when "Toggle BB code" is selected

    When "Toggle BB code" is selected, it fails to disable the "More options" buttons, so they are still clickable, but not functional.
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    Resolved Prefix usage help only works with quick thread start

    Prefix usage help only works with quick thread start It's a really nice feature but should be there when using the normal post thread option.
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    Bug XF 2.x Custom thread fields and Search Forum Nodes

    When adding/editing a Search forum node, custom thread fields are displayed (at the bottom of the form), but they are not used in Search forums. Any data inputted in the custom fields while adding/editing a Search Forum node is not saved (as they are not used), so these fields should not be...
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    Bug XF 2.x Sidebar is causing layout shift

    The sidebar (and probably sidenav? didn't test this) is being displayed using display: table-cell. This seems to cause the browser to resize the content div when rendering the page as it does not know its width until reaching the sidebar.
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    Bug XF 2.x Search by username takes a while

    We have quite a large userbase, 10M+ users. When doing a search by username in the administration panel, leaving all of the other fields blank, it takes about ~20 seconds to return a result. This seems to be longer than it should take given all of the other filters are blank. Thank you for...
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    Bug XF 2.x Adjusting existing profile banner image 'skips' on smaller images instead of smoothly scrolling

    When uploading a profile banner image or editing an existing one you can scroll up/down to adjust the vertical centering. When trying to adjust an existing profile banner that is a small'ish then the image 'skips' up/down when trying to adjust it instead of smoothly scrolling. When adding the...
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    Bug XF 2.x Title as link at the bottom of RSS feed?

    If the post is longer than the description limit then the RSS feed gets another link with the title at the bottom. It should write Read more or something similar.
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    Bug XF 2.x Header image logo max-height

    With the new height + width logo options, I guess this CSS should be removed inside the template: app_header.less in case someone wants their logo to be larger. (line 52) Rich (BB code): &.p-header-logo--image { img { vertical-align: bottom...
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    Bug XF 2.x email notifications from article nodes are not responsive

    I received a mail notification about the "XFMG 2.2 update" because I follow the "HYS" node. The email I received wasn't responsive... was that a client issue (I'm on iPhone 7 and iOS 13) or the email sent is not responsive at all?
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    Bug XF 2.x Unhelpful error message when trying to save custom BB code

    When trying to save a custom BB code, the following werror message does get displayed if the tag does contain invalid characters: This message is correct, but somewhat unprecise as it does not state which field this message does belong to, so this might be confusing for novice admins.
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    Bug XF 2.x Image height is not being saved

    Steps to reproduce Insert an external image using the insert image toolbar icon Klick the image Click the resize icon Enter a new width and height Click Update Expected Result When making a preview or switching to BB-Code mode the new width and height are being used Actual Result Only the...
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    Bug XF 2.x Redundant media query in app.less

    Code: @media (max-width: 359px) { .p-offCanvasAccountLink { display: block; } } @media (max-width: 359px) { .p-offCanvasRegisterLink { display: block; } } seems a bit awkward ;) It would be nice if these two blocks could be combined into one.
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    Bug XF 2.x Reaction tooltip template included unconditionally

    Template PAGE_CONTAINER does include the reaction tooltip template unconditionally. This seems unnecessary as it can't be used by guests and or on pages that do not have reaction functionality.
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    Bug XF 2.x Unintended parent forum created when child is linked to a parent with no category

    1. Add a forum node without associating it as a child to any categories. 2. Create a child forum node attached to the forum node you just created. Child forum will additionally appear like a parent forum underneath its parent forum instead of under the drop-down list.
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    Bug XF 2.x YoutuTube video with time parameter

    Insert media: Expected: Result:
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    Bug XF 2.x $user if conditional not working on report templates

    Trying to use it on report_create but it doesn't seem to work. Just trying to put a notice up that admins/mods can't be reported on. This worked well on the ignore template.
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    Bug XF 2.x Random/new media widget not showing media

    Hi, I noticed the media-widget here on the forum does not show media-thumbnails. I suspect this due to loading="lazy" that is seems to be part of stock XF2.2 in various places. (I have the same effect on the media-widget when I played around with lazy-loading on my XF 2.1 test-site. HTH -Markus
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    Bug XF 2.x There is no flood check when saving draft

    It should be at least checking saveDrafts['saveFrequency']
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    Bug XF 2.x Draft button is only hidden from editor but is still usable

    Steps to reproduce: Open a page with editor and draft system enabled (saveDrafts being checked) Disable draft system (saveDrafts being unchecked) Enter some random text in editor Click on the floppy-disk icon Check xf_draft table and you should see a new try Reload the page and you should see...