[XenGenTr] Popup System

XF 2 Add-on [XenGenTr] Popup System 1.2.6

Compatible With XenForo
2.0, 2.1
Visible Branding
Hello, With the [XenGenTr] Popup System, you can display your ads, announcements, information, etc. to your users with pop-up windows.


Features of the plugin
  • The open and close pop-up from the panel
  • Adding popup content
  • Selecting the pop-up view type
  • Pop-up display interval time (1, hour, 2 hours, 3, hour and 5-hour display)
  • Ability to adjust the pup-up output height
  • Ability to adjust pop-up width
  • Switching pop-up cookies on and off
  • Pop-up impression days (once a day, 2 times a day, once a day in 3 days, once a day in 4 days and once a day in 5 days)
  • Set pop-up background page color
  • Pop-up page transition settings
  • Pop-up page background effect
  • Setting the window position on the pop-up opening
  • Pop-up window transition features
  • Pop-up window effects
  • Change pop-up window shade color
  • Change pop-up window background-color
  • Pop-up window closing button options
  • Hide and open pop-up window on mobile with one click
  • It works based on permissions. You can show the group of members you want.
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