[XenGenTr] Forum statistics system

XF 2 Add-on [XenGenTr] Forum statistics system 3.0.3

Compatible With XenForo
Visible Branding
[XenGenTr] Forum statistics system
You were using a different version of this statistic already offered to you. I am happy to release the new version with some requests and changes required.


Content scopes;
Topics with new posts
New topics
Most viewed topics
Most reacted topics
The most answered topics
Users with the most messages

Improved content management
As many tabs as you want from any of the above content can be added.
Icons can be added for Tab tabs.
Only content can be taken from the specified forum, categories.
Tab desired title can be added.
Tab display can be arranged on the secret.
The tab can be opened and closed.
Loading content without refreshing the page with Ajax.
Upload of selected tab data only.

Visual updates;
Improvements in theme features for visual management.

Option updates;
Open/close all data related to the subject (Forum, Impression, number of posts, time)
Close / open Google search button
Automatic renewal time check.
Content display limit improvement.
Positioning improvements.
Toggle user statistics.

Step 1,
- Take the attached file
Step 2,
- Put the contents of the folder named UPLOAD in the folder into the same name folder of FTP.
Step 3,
- In the Adminpc >> Plugins >> area, find the plugin >> Install with the Install button

Use details;
- Admincp >> Groups and permissions >> User group permissions >> Group to be authorized >> [XenGenTr] Forum statistics permissions

- Adminpc >> Installations >> XF options >> [XenGenTr] Forum statistics - Options

Adding statistics data
- Adminpc >> Views and languages >> Views and languages >> [XGT] Forum statistics >> Statistics content

Visual changes
- Adminpc >> Appearance and languages >> Theme features >> [XenGenTr] statistics - Design
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