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XF 2 Add-on [Telegram] Core 2.0.4

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Compatible With XenForo
  1. 2.1
Additional Requirements
The third-party library requires cURL extension installed in PHP
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The plugin provides the ability to log in via Telegram and basic code events for implementing bots with XF.
By default, plugin implements two ways for authenticating: default Telegram OAuth Button and "dialog with a bot" (for cases when the button doesn't display because user lives in the country with censorship (hello from Russia)).


For using Telegram as an authentication provider, we need to create a bot.
  1. Open the Telegram Client and find @BotFather user.
  2. Press button "Start" in the window bottom.
  3. Send the command /newbot for starting the process.
  4. Follow the instructions which will come in response to all your actions.
  5. In reply, after input bot username, you receive your HTTP access token. Do not show it [token] anyone! It is important!
  6. For opportunity use bot as the authentication provider, we need to say @BotFather our domain where our forum is running. For this, you need to use the command /setdomain.
    Domain should be sent without protocol and URI parts! For example, if your forum is hosted in https://example.com/forum, you need to send only example.com!
  7. If you want, you can change the user avatar (/setuserpic) or change user viewable name (/setname). Note you can't change bot username (starts always with @ and ends on a bot). If you realized the selected username you don't like, it's time recreate bot!
  8. Open the ACP, in Connected accounts find Telegram item and open settings. Copy HTTP access token from BotFather and Save.
  9. (optional) In Telegram options (Setup → Options → Telegram) enable the webhook update method for receiving all updates from Telegram.
Now, you can start the test authentication possibility with Telegram!
If you enabled webhook and uses Cloudflare or any CDN proxy, don't forget to add Telegram IP ranges in the whitelist. They are presented on the official Telegram site in the documentation.
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