Media Filter by AddonsLab

XF 2 Add-on Media Filter by AddonsLab 2.0.0

Compatible With XenForo
2.0, 2.1
Additional Requirements
XenForo Media Gallery:
[AL] Core package
Visible Branding
The add-on allows us to filter and search media based on Media fields. This will allow your users to find the media they are interested in quickly and accurately.
The controls to filter the media are added to Filters popup in Media homepage and categories:

1 - Filter Popup.png

Media Search page is also enhanced to show filter controls when the forum being searched currently has custom fields associated with it:

2 - Search Form.png

Each field can be configured separately to be shown in the filter list and/or in the search form:

3 - Field Configuration.png

Each category can be configured to show the values of custom fields in search views - as a prefix or under the title:

4 - Display fields in search result.png
5 - Search results with custom fields.png

Choice fields can be configured to be shown in the forms using Check boxes and Multiple-choice drop-down (allow searching/filtering by multiple values) or Drop down selection/Radio buttons (allow searching/filtering only by single value).

6 - Choose type of filter for multiple selection fields.png

Date fields and numeric fields are shown as interval inputs (from... to...) where both fields are optional, so it is possible to search any values higher/lower than the defined values or in some particular interval.

Color fields are also supported and color similarity algorithm is implemented. All items with visually similar colors are found and listed. An example search listing media filtered by color similarity can be seen here The index of color similarity is configurable and can be set from the product's options page:

Text fields are searched and indexed just like media title/description itself. Full-text search is executed with fuzzy matching, meaning the phrase searched does not have to be in exactly the same order as in the query.

The media list shows all active filters. Clicking each filter will remove the field and re-run the search with the remaining filters:

7 - Active filters.png

The product allows moving the filters from the default location in a popup to the sidebar or above media list, configured per category, or globally.

Xenforo Enhanced Search and Elastic Search support

The add-on has special support for Enhanced Search add-on with Elasticsearch back-end. Custom field information is indexed as a separate content type in Elasticsearch. A high-performance algorithm is implemented to filter millions of records and show only the media matching filter criteria. Custom fields are searched only once, and the result is cached for subsequent pages. Even though the product performs completely fine without Enhanced Search add-on, it is highly recommended to use this add-on and Elasticsearch on large databases.
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